What is Baby Registry?

By | February 8, 2015

Should I make a Baby Registry?

A baby registry is a list of babies items that the new parents make at the store and would like to receive them as gifts from family and friends. It seems a little strange to “tell” people what gift you want to receive, but it’s good for the parents and also for the people who getting it for you! In that way you won’t get anything twice and you will get the things that you want and you think that you need. For the people who buying you the gift it’s also very good, cause they doesn’t hesitate what to buy and they know that you want the gift they are buying for you. So both sided are happy.

Where should I register for Baby Registry?

You should register at a store with a big selection and it really recommended that your baby registry will be online – so all the people could shop for you online and won’t need to come to a far away store from their home. With online Baby registry they can send it to your home address or to them and they will bring it to you personally.

What you need to check with the store:

1. The store deliver big items like crib, closet and more.

2. That you can update online the baby registry.

3. That you can return to the store items that you decide you on’t want.

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