Backache during Pregnancy

By | October 24, 2014

Backache or Back pain is one of the most common complaints among pregnant ladies. Some would be mothers continue to suffer for all the forty plus weeks, whereas some suffer from backaches occasionally. There is nothing to worry about the back pain as this is a natural phenomenon and goes away after the child birth. The only care that needs is to take some rest with a slight dose of some medicines. Exercises as prescribed by the experienced doctors, without depending on too much medication, which may result in side effects.

The intensity of the back pain varies from person to person depending on their specific conditions and tolerance.

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

One of the ways the backache develops during pregnancy is at the front side of the rigid pelvis, which is rare but causes intense pain at the symphysis pubis joint. Sometimes in some cases the stiff joint becomes quite mobile and functions disorderly. In such conditions, it needs extra precautions during pregnancy.

The backache can also occur as a result of associated neck pain or shoulder pain transferring down to the backbone resulting into the backache. This could be as a result of some wrong postures adopted by some of the ladies or because of their overgrown breasts and growing bump. It may lead to some strains in dealing and adjusting with all the discomforts, but in most cases a little precaution will do and there in nothing serious to worry about.

Causes of backache during pregnancy

While there can be several causes of backache during pregnancy, but some can be worth mentioning for the benefit of pregnant ladies.

With the growth of the baby and bump in a pregnant body, the center of gravity drifts and has to be borne by the spine for balancing. It causes some extra strain and may result in back pain with pregnant ladies.

It is obviously natural and would be cured automatically soon after the delivery of the baby. With the grown bumps, it is quite natural that your rib cage expands and may impact your spine causing additional stress and discomfort.

The body of a pregnant lady releases some specific hormones called Relaxin and Oestrogen to help joints and ligaments relax and soften. It provides flexibility but cause instability of the back hampering its natural function to body adjustments.

All the more, wrong postures and wearing incorrect shoes can also throw your body out of the alignment. It will require compensating and balancing the body, resulting in backache.

backache during pregnancy

backache during pregnancy

Avoiding back pain

Backache during pregnancy is a natural phenomenon with certain limitations as no measure is foolproof during pregnancy. However, one can avoid the contributing factors to minimize the back pains aggravating further.

It is advisable to take a rest periodically while standing work to avoid weight on your feet. Seek more flexibility while working or travelling in public transport and avoid long journeys. Avoid shoes with high heels for better balance of your body. Use flat shoes or one with wedges to provide better stability.

Precautions, while suffering

It is advisable to sleep on your sides with the proper support of a soft pillow between your knees to support the bump or you can buy a pregnancy pillow. If you are in the habit of lying on your back, use cushions and pillows under the knees to take the pressure off from your lower back. You may prefer to go for a broad, firm and elasticized pregnancy bump support after consultation with your physician for a possible relief. Certain therapies like reflexology, chiropractic, acupressure and massaging under trained expertise are also advisable.

The Doctor may advise for some gentle exercises like yoga, swimming, or some antenatal aqua-aerobic exercise can be beneficial to relieve back pain during emergency.