How to relieve back pain during pregnancy?

By | April 22, 2015

In as much as a pregnant woman’s body is phenomenal, second trimester can be mind blowing as it is characterized by the onset of aches and pain. It is the kind of pain that leave most women wondering how they can stop it especially that constant back pain that just won’t go away.

Throughout the generations, pregnant women have considered back pain as normal. However, if it is prolonged or sharp it must be discussed with a physician.

Below are three baby safe proven ways on How to relieve back pain during pregnancy. Followed to the core, they guarantee a smooth pregnancy with minimum pain until  it is time for delivery.

How to relieve back pain during pregnancy

How to relieve back pain during pregnancy

Safe ways on How to relieve back pain during pregnancy

Physically activities

Expectant mothers are warned against sitting back and getting fat without any guilty conscious. It is important to know that incorporating daily physical activities within the daily schedule checks that extra weight. Mother should be careful and eat foods that contain only the right nutrients that will nourish the baby without necessarily adding weight.  It is no secret that overweight women risks difficult deliveries.

Water sports especially swimming relieve pregnancy related back pains.  Water supports the entire body weight and swimming is one activity that involves the entire body work out.

Strive for Good Posture

Maintaining a good posture is one rule that gets complicated as pregnancy progresses. The center balance of a woman’s body keeps shifting as pregnancy advances. As it shifts, that feeling of wanting to balance pushes most pregnant women to try to adjust.  They, however, do it the wrong way and end up having a bad posture causing more back pains.

Use of pregnancy pillow to support the back

The body is rapidly growing and it needs enough rest in order to sustain life that is growing within. Sleeping in the right posture amounts a healthy back. Sleeping can be made more pleasurable by using a pregnancy pillow.

For maximum blood flow all over the body, sleeping on the left side is favored. Maternity pillows can be put in between the legs while sleeping.   Taking frequent naps and sleeping for more hours than before is highly recommended.

Just in case the woman is feeling unattractive or overweight, complimentary modalities such as acupuncture, massage and chiropractic treatment may be considered.  These types of treatments have over the years offered comfort to pregnant women. It is always advisable to discuss this with a physician before proceeding with complementary therapy on How to relieve back pain during pregnancy.

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Know when to consult the Doctor:

Back pain should not be considered as a normal part of pregnancy. Common myth and quick fixes on How to relieve back pain during pregnancy should not be applied all the time. Urgent visit to a physician is an absolute must if severe back pains that last more than two weeks occur. Back pain may as well be a sign of preterm labor. If it is accompanied by fever, burning sensation when urinating or vaginal bleeding it could be an alarming sign of an underlying problem that needs urgent attention.