Leachco Snoogle Mini Side Sleeper Review

Pregnancy brings happiness and pleasant changes in everyone’s family life. This is the joy, experiences and feelings while long waiting for expected miracle. Good sleep is crucial for a pregnant woman during this period, because her feeling directly influences the character and emotions of her baby. To make it a dream fulfilled, a woman should have a good, sound sleep. Moreover – the location of the bed for her should be convenient, safe, and at the same time must be correctly supported by special pregnancy support pillow specially designed for pregnant women.

Today there are a wide variety of soft pillows for expectant mothers, which avoid the surge back and allow the entire body to take a comfortable position for the whole night.
Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper is very amazing maternity pillow which support your tummy and lower back during sleep. It gets specially designed for pregnant ladies who give their preference of sleep on the side.

Leachco snoogle mini

Leachco snoogle mini

Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper

Product description:

Pregnancy support pillow Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper provides a reliable support during pregnancy period. Perfect size of 27.8 x 21.8 x 7 inches allows hugging it in different positions, and it doesn’t take a lot of place in the bed.

Product features:

• Pregnancy support pillow provides the ability to unload the flat part of the back and spine as a whole on one side and support the growing tummy.
• Ability safely lay on the tummy, not pinching it, without the risk of harm to the baby.
• Leachco maternity pillow is made of soft materials and can be easily washed.
• Later it becomes a necessary attribute for feeding. It does not matter how woman feeds the baby – sitting or lying down, the support for back and arms are a big requirement. Function of feeding becomes even easier and more comfortable, thanks to a convenient size of Leachco maternity pillow.


• Pregnancy support pillow helps to feel the maximum comfort and relax of all muscles.
• Pleasant sensations will be during all night because the pillow comfortably supports woman’s body.
• Curved model of Leachco maternity pillow supports not only the body but also the limbs, neck and head of a pregnant woman.
• Removable cover and it is easily washable.


• Leachco maternity pillow cannot have negative sides as it cozy, safe and completely fulfill its primary function of supporting a woman during hard pregnancy period and after baby born.
• Somebody can doubt about the necessity of such a purchase, but after checking with feedbacks regarding the role of this pillow in the life of a pregnant woman, the price won’t seem too expensive.

If a woman is in the process of expecting a baby, it is necessary to buy specialized Leachco maternity pillow for pregnant women. It provides support for the spine and evenly distributes the load on the muscular system. Women can change the position many times and each time feel like a pregnancy support pillow tenderly care about comfort of mom and the baby, protecting pregnant during sleep, enabling her to relax and enjoy pleasant dreams.


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