How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

By | December 1, 2014

Your adrenaline is all hyped up. For you and your partner, the next three to five minutes are the most exhilarating and tensed time of your entire. The wait is killing you. The kit shows two lines. Congratulations, you are now on your way to being a responsible parent ready to build up your family.

Before you got too pumped up on thinking the coming years ahead with the newest family member, make sure you are prepared for the coming nine months ahead. As a woman you are given the most magnificent task of carrying child inside you. Prepare yourself with all the changes and you should pull through.

How much weight should I gain during pregnancy

How much weight should I gain during pregnancy

How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

The most common question usually by first-time mothers is how much weight should I gain during pregnancy and this is something everyone should know how to answer. It may be a little bit surprising to know that the first step in answering the question lies on your weight before you got pregnant.
The amount of weight that a pregnant woman has to gain depends per individual. Majority of the times, women can get as much as 22lb to 26lb and most of the pounds would start to appear after the 20th week.

The majority of the pounds would actually be coming from the baby sleeping and growing inside your stomach. Aside from that, your body is preparing for post-natal moments of breastfeeding the child.

Too Much Pounds

Anything that is too much is dangerous. It is normal for you to crave for different foods and dishes as your taste buds goes crazy figuring what food you want to take in. It is important to eat healthy. Better think of quality that the food you take than the quantity you indulge in.

The two known problems that you could encounter when you have put on too many extra pounds are gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. Gestational diabetes arises from too much sugar on your body and can lead to your baby growing so large that delivery would be a problem. Pre-eclampsia can be life-threatening to both you and your child and the first sign would always be elevated blood pressure.

Too Little Pounds

If you think that the answer to your question how much weight should I gain during pregnancy is to stay slim and lean, you are getting the idea all wrong. If you are too thin and do not have the right amount of weight, the environment will be harmful to your baby. The outcome is that your baby will be born prematurely or your baby would be so little upon delivery.

This could also be a problem once you are already lactating, as your body is not able to store the fat and energy it needs to produce breast milk, it may affect your child’s nourishment.

Some Afterthoughts

To check whether you have the right weight or not, make sure you to always have your monthly checkups. Your doctor would determine whether it is just right or not. Prevention is always better than getting to treat the complications.


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