Boppy Body Pillow Review – The new pillow

Boppy Body Pillow is a pregnancy pillow that designed to provide complete head to toe support.

The special design follows the body line to support neck, belly, back and hips. The Cotton slipcover is removable and machine washable. This Boppy Body Pillow is very comfortable and not heavy, large, static like other pregnancy pillow. The Boppy body pillow is easily moves with you if you switch sides often when you sleeping. It’s so comfortable that you will fall to sleep very quickly.


Boppy Body Pillow

Boppy Body Pillow


Here what Lori wrote us about this Pillow:

“This pillow is perfect!

I bought this pregnancy pillow for my first pregnancy, and I’m so glad that I did!! I was tired of the restless, uncomfortable nights with barely any sleep and this product sure helped a lot! It gives a nice little bit of support under the belly. The pillow is big but it doesn’t take a lot of room at all, because it’s between your legs and under you. I’m now pregnant with my second child and I still use this pillow. I love my Boppy!”
boppy body pillow for pregnancy

boppy body pillow for pregnancy


Another great review from Abigail that bought the boppy for her daughter:

“I bought the boppy body pillow for my daughter who is expecting her second child. She is having a sleeping difficult in this pregnancy, so I thought it might make her more comfortable. My daughter says she will never be without the Boppy pillow again, pregnant or not..”


Product Features:

  • Designed to provide complete head-to-toe support
  • Supports neck, belly, back and hips
  • Pima cotton slipcover is removable and machine washable


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