Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow Review

The decision to purchase something cozy for my gradually increasing body led me to buy this pregnancy body pillow and I decided came immediately as I did not feel comfortable in my bed and had bad interrupted dreams mixed with nightmares.

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My pregnancy had been long expected and I was ready to face all difficulties and discomfort connected with this amazing change in my life, but bad sleep – it was something awful. I read that the ladies in my state had the same feelings and even described it as if I had been writing all that reports.

As my belly had been growing day by day and the baby started periodically push me in addition to bad sleep, I became very nervous and looked like an angry owl. Finally, when my husband moved to another room as he was also tired from my constant search of comfort point in the bed during night, he solved it with the call to the doctor. Her advice number one was to buy pregnancy body pillow. We firstly thought that she had been joking with us, but tired from all previous hard nights we decided to buy advised leachco Snoogle Body Pillow.

I was little surprised with the shape of the snoogle pregnancy pillow when I took it in my hands at home and could not understand how that pregnancy body pillow can solve our problem. Moreover, I’ve tried before to put blanket and small cushions trying to release my discomfort under different parts of my body. Nothing helped.

The night promised to be interesting, as we’ve been laughing the whole evening while reading instruction to the Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow we’ve bought in the shop and trying to repeat it. Husband even returned to the bedroom for support me and observed my first emotions and attempts to cope with that pregnancy body pillow.

When the next day came I woke up later than usual with the amazing snoogle pregnancy pillow under my belly and neck. I felt that during such long period of sufferings I had very good sleep with the body pillow. Besides, despite of reading instructions my body found the required support from the pillow and I did not feel pain in the muscles, my back and even neck. After phone call of my husband I understood that we did good purchase. He told me that that was the first night I’ve slept like a child: safe, calm and comfort.

The pregnancy body pillow became good friend for me during the whole pregnancy period and I could not imagine myself without it. The leachco pregnancy pillow migrated with me everywhere, as I managed to sit in any place hugging my cozy pregnancy body pillow.

The necessity of the Leachco snoogle body pillow usage was not finished with the appearance of my little boy. It was prohibited for me to feed the baby in the sitting position due to some difficulties after birth and I had to lay and feed the son. The body pillow happened to be the best support in this moment as well. It was very comfortably for mom and the son to put the baby on it and start the process of feeding.

This pregnancy body pillow is very good invention for pregnancies and women who tries to support their body in so important life period when every woman should get maximum support and comfort. I can definitely advice it to all ladies who are going to become mothers!

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