Total Body Pregnancy Pillow Review

Pregnancy for any woman is the happiest, exciting and at the same time very responsible period in life. It is not always possible to enjoy completely during this moment because the most unexpected situations arise, connected with the discomfort of the female body changes. During this period, each pregnant mommy needs a lot of calm walking and good rest.

During the pregnancy period, a woman’s body is very changeable that is why it is so important to have a healthy restorative sleep, both for the mother and the unborn baby. Often sleep in pregnancy days is not so comfortable for a pregnant woman. Almost daily she is restless, half the night she cannot lie down comfortably, consistently turning over. Due to this in the morning she gets up tired and not well-rested, which adversely affects both on their general condition and the condition of the baby.
Total Body Pregnancy Pillow for pregnant women was invented to relieve the pain and normalization of sleep. They will provide moms with comfortably months of pregnancy and will be useful even after the birth of the baby during feeding.

total body pregnancy pillow

total body pregnancy pillow

Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Product description:

Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Pillow with full body support exclusively produced by Blowout Bedding gets made of 100% super soft microfiber polyester shell and fill. Full Body pregnancy pillow as a rule gets done in full length of woman’s body and tenderly repeat the shapes of a pregnant woman supporting all suffering parts. Full size of the pillow is 20W x 130L.

Product features:

• Long straight body pregnancy pillow. You can bend it to make the U shape. It’s the most common form, which guarantees a comfortable position for the neck, back, tummy and knees during the whole night.
• Total Body Pregnancy Pillow allows relieving the back and legs. It will replace the one million of cushions that women use in their bed or just take for comfort in a lying or sitting position during the day.
• The pillows are very comfortable in use. Pillow covering can be zipped quickly and conveniently worn. Easy in hand and machine washing at low temperatures and spinning at a moderate speed.
• Great advantage is a large model that can fully support the body on the right and the left. Neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees area under the relax and comfortably arranged.


• Maximum discharge of loins and spine.
• Reliable support of steadily growing tummy with possibility to lay on it.
• Rest for tired legs after long day.
• Good and healthy sleep.
• Comfortably feed the baby.
• Have a special place for relaxing and rest.


• Total Body Pregnancy Pillow has no negative points with the exception of price, but one should think twice clearly understanding all positive sides of such purchase.
It is a direct solution of the problem connected with constant discomfort during sleep, back pain and knee. Body pillows for pregnant women are one of the most useful things with which woman will forget about bad sleep and will enjoy an unforgettable sweet dream all night long.

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