Sleeping positions while pregnant

By | October 14, 2014

Pregnant women need a good night’s sleep more than ever, every day it’s getting more difficult cause the belly getting bigger and bigger. Most of people usually sleep on their stomach, and when you are pregnant and your belly is big, you can’t sleep like that anymore. Sleeping problems start at the first trimester, when you start to go to the bathroom during the night. In your third trimester, when you need to sleep more, it’s getting really uncomfortable. The reasons of getting uncomfortable may include:

  • Heartburn
  • Back pain
  • Insomnia

What Are The Best Sleeping Positions While Pregnant?

The best sleeping positions while pregnant is to sleep on a side. And there are few researchers that pointing that sleeping on the left side is better to your baby. Usually when pregnant women sleeping on the side they still feel back pain or stress, many times pregnancy pillow or pregnancy wedge pillow can really help those pain and you can sleep better.

What Sleeping Positions  Whole Pregnant Should I Avoid?

You need to avoid sleeping on your stomach, it’s not only uncomfortable it’s also not good for your baby. Also sleeping on your back not really recommended, it can increase your back pain.

Sleeping positions while pregnant

Sleeping positions while pregnant

So what can I do to get a good night sleep?

  • Try to avoid caffeine from the afternoon till you getting to bed.
  • Keep in shape -it’s very important to exercise.
  • Drink water during the day and less at night.
  • Take a warm bath before you are going to sleep (don’t use hot water it’s not healthy when you are pregnant).
  • You can also do Yoga or Meditation at evening time.


I used at my last pregnancy a pregnancy pillow that really helped me with my back pain. If you interested you can find out here about the best pregnancy pillows on the market today and where you can buy them in the best price.