What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Skin Tags During Pregnancy

By | December 5, 2014

No other news is as exciting and wonderful as you getting pregnant. It signifies new life and a new beginning for you and your partner. However, before you got all warmed up and would set-up an appointment to your insurance guy regarding getting an educational plan for the unborn child, you have to be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for the life-changing (and body-changing) nine months ahead of you.

Expect the Unexpected

During the next nine months, you will experience all the perks and privileges of a pregnant woman as well as all the discomfort and minor annoyance along the way. You get to finish your grocery shopping earlier as you have a dedicated life and things like that but get ready for those things that would start showing up on your body, like skin tags during pregnancy.

What are Skin Tags?

Your skin happens to carry a lot of burden during pregnancy. Pregnancy does not just involve physical changes on the body but hormonal changes and imbalances as well. These hormonal imbalances cause lumps and growth attached from a think stalk off the body. They are tiny and would be a around a few millimeters. Skin tags during pregnancy can be skin-colored or darker than your skin tone.

It can be annoying as these skin flaws can appear on more obvious areas like your face, on the side of the neck. It could also grow on your upper chest, in the middle of the breasts, underarms and the groin area.

Hormones are the main culprit because stimulate the growth of skin tags on the skin. Aside from hormonal imbalances, skin tags during pregnancy can also be attributed are gestational diabetes and being overweight.

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags During Pregnancy?

If there is any good thing about skin tags, is that they usually disappear after the pregnancy. After the hormones and you bodily functions are all back to normal. However, if there are extra skin dangling and is frequently by friction, you may want to do something about those pregnancy skin tags.

Your local dermatologist can easily snap the stalk of the stalk and most of the times, anesthesia is not necessary. This is the easiest and the fastest way of getting rid of them altogether. Another popular way of doing this can already be done right at your home using some nitrogen. It will freeze by itself and will detach on its own afterwards. This method is usually done for removing warts but is now being used as skin tags removal treatment.

If you are not comfortable with the two procedures mentioned above, you can opt for creams that are advertised to remove the skin imperfections. As with all other beauty products, the effect is not guaranteed. If it is really effective, the results may take so much time before it shows up.

Get rid of skin tags during pregnancy

Get rid of skin tags during pregnancy

Pregnancy is something that most women would dream of. It is a blessed experience that may cause pain and discomfort now and then but if there is one thing certain – that would be the happiest, most memorable of your entire life.